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The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has successfully relocated Halley VI Antarctic Research Station to its new home on the Brunt Ice Shelf. 

The Halley VI relocation team has carried out – for the first time – what the station was designed to do. Operational teams have spent the past 13 weeks moving each of the station’s eight modules 23 km upstream of a previously dormant ice chasm.  The station is now ready for re-occupation at the end of the Antarctic winter (November 2017).

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News 2 November 2021

Polar architecture at COP26

HBA will be showing designs for the Discovery Building at Rothera Research Station in Polar Net Zero at COP26 Green Zone on 5 November in partnership with British Antarctic Survey, Sweco and BAM Nuttall

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Clifford's Tower

News 2 September 2021

Clifford's Tower

A major milestone has been reached on our project for English Heritage at Clifford’s Tower with the arrival of the glulam structure to site in York. 

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